Quasset identifies and implements novel strategies in Asset Management and Condition Assessment solutions for petrochemical industry and public infrastructure.
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Modern Asset Management

Modern Asset Management Strategies in Petrochemical Industry are critically dependent on carefully structured programs for condition assessment & monitoring. In particular Risk Based Inspection based approaches rely heavily on the quality of inspection programs and the data that is collected, stored and analysed.

There is a vast installed base of aging petrochemical assets, built during the second half of the twentieth century, that are getting close to its design life. These assets increasingly require inspection and maintenance to be able to operate them reliably and safely.

At the same time the trend in the industry is towards increased up-time of installations (i.e. shorter and less shutdowns) and more stringent safety regimes e.g. mandating minimized human presence in plants. Together these constitute strong drivers for further improvements of RBI and non-intrusive inspection (NII) programs, continuous remote monitoring e.g. through permanently installed sensors and non-man entry techniques e.g. facilitated by robotics.


Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance
A Petrochemical Industry perspective on the EU
Horizon 2020 Robotics program


Quasset’s activities for Petrochemical Industry focus on helping define and push the boundaries in this field to accelerate introduction of well-validated solutions to address this market need.

Quasset’s current activities for petrochemical industry include:

  • Strategic assessment of industry needs for inspection and cleaning solutions.
  • Robotic and permanent sensor network solutions are being developed, but need to be in tune with the primary needs of the industry. We are continuously monitoring market trends and have been commissioned to write a number of reports assessing the industry needs and technology gaps on behalf of the industry.
  • Innovation programs for robotic inspection & cleaning solutions: We are bringing asset owners and best-in-class technology developers, service providers and knowledge institutes together to accelerate innovation through joint industry projects.
  • Identification and validation of suitable NDT and condition monitoring solutions: We are continuously involved in identification and systematic validation (e.g. following the ENIQ methodology) of suitable technology on behalf of our clients.
  • 3D virtual environments for inspection & Information management: Simulation in 3D dynamic models provides a low cost solution to test feasibility and improve reliability of inspection programs, as well as managing and displaying inspection and integrity data in a more user friendly and reliable way. We are providing services and solutions using a 3D toolkit we have developed for this purpose.
  • Current programs include: – Inspection feasibility and mission planning for robotic inspections of pressure vessel and plant
  •  Inspector training through simulated inspection environments in pressure vessels and above ground storage tanks
  • Leak detection in hydrocarbon liquid and gas pipelines using Pure Smartball technology. Through our partner Pure Technologies we provide effective and reliable leak detection using Smartball technology
  • Q-Pro: a modular solution to support and improve your Asset Management business processes. Read more about Q-Pro.