Quasset offers knowledge, tools and solution to support and improve Asset Management in public infrastructure and the petrochemical industry.

Asset Management

The aging infrastructure and increasing cost awareness is challenging owners and managers of Public Infrastructures (such as water networks, roads and rails) to optimize their asset utilization and maximize the asset value. This requires a robust Asset Management approach. This approach provides an ever improving insight into the condition and performance of assets to enable asset management decision making based on relevant information and models.


Quasset supports companies and organizations to develop this approach by means of:

AM strategy and implementation

We consult companies on goals, priorities and implementation of Asset Management in their organization.

AM modelling

Quasset develops AM models that forecast future costs, performance and risk of your full asset portfolio. These models are used for both short term replacement decisions as well as to provide a foundation for long term capital renewal.

Asset Integrity Management

Representing best-in-class solution providers, Quasset offers advanced pipeline inspection and monitoring solutions in our market:

  • SmartBall inspections (by Pure Technologies) will detect and accurately locate (very) small leaks.
  • PipeDiver is suitable for large diameter pipeline integrity assessment
  • Sahara is a tethered visual inspection and leak detection tool
  • ROV inspections: visual inspection using a Remotely Operated (Underwater) Vehicle
  • BurstMinder and TransientMinder: permanent monitoring and alarm solution for leaks, bursts and transients in critical pipelines.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) strategies

In addition, Quasset develops Risk Based Inspection (RBI) strategies that provide a framework for the application and planning of the various inspection methods.

AM Information Systems

Asset data is typically maintained in a multitude of information systems (e.g. network GIS, maintenance, projects, finance, real-time sensor data), making it hard or even impossible to get a coherent view of all relevant asset information. Our software solution IMQS maps out asset information from multiple data sources through an integrated, easy to use, web and GIS based application. IMQS offers modules for several types of infrastructure: e.g. drinking water, wastewater, roads and telecom.

AM certification

An increasing number of organizations will decide to have their Asset Management process certified according to the international ISO 55001 norm. In this field we closely cooperate with DIfAM (Dutch Institute for Asset Management) to offer a full service program from quick scan, consultancy and training to certification.


Q-Pro is a modular solution to support and improve your Asset Management business processes. Read more about Q-Pro.