IAM Diploma qualification in Asset Management

6-day training course, including exercises and examination

12-14 November, 19-21 November 2018

Location: Netherlands; Hilversum, centrally located with
easy access by public and private transport


Program 6-day IAM Diploma course

QMA training

Program day 1

  • Asset management policies, strategies, and plans
  • Business impact, investment issues and whole-life costing
  • Operation, maintenance, repair and disposal of assets
  • Contractor and supplier management
  • The Asset Life Cycle and related decisions
  • Risk management
  • Information needs and systems
  • Analyzing policy requirements
  • Developing the asset management policy
  • Analyzing strategic requirements and setting objectives
  • Developing and optimizing asset management strategies
  • Developing and communicating asset management plans
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Program day 2

  • Application of whole-life costing principles
  • Creation and acquisition of assets
  • Controlling asset operations
  • Maintaining assets
  • Renewal, rationalization, disposal of assets
  • Assessment and management of risk
  • Contingency planning
  • Asset management review and audit
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Program day 3

  • Strategic requirements
  • Investment decision-making
  • Asset management and resource planning
  • Making the business case for asset interventions
  • Asset life cycle plans, decisions and delivery activities
  • Asset management governance and the management system
  • Performance monitoring and business impact
  • Leadership, behaviour, culture and competencies
  • Managing change in asset management systems and capabilities
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Program day 4

  • Asset information strategy and policy
  • Defining asset information requirements
  • Specifying, selecting and integrating asset information and knowledge systems
  • Making appropriate asset management information available for decision-making
  • Sustainability and the assurance of long term performance
  • Maintaining assets for optimal life cycle value
  • Evaluating and rationalizing asset portfolio
  • Renewal or disposal of assets: costs, risks and benefits
  • Monitoring and reviewing progress and performance
  • Failure analysis and problem-solving
  • Assuring quality in asset management processes
  • Development and deployment of people and teams
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
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Program day 5

  • Planning and managing change in organizations, assets, processes and people
  • Shaping the asset management culture

Development, use and management of contractors and suppliers

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Program day 6

  • Forecasting and analyzing stakeholder requirements and demands
  • Appraising investment options, scenarios and alternatives
  • What does value mean, to whom?
  • Quantifying, prioritizing and demonstrating value from assets
  • Application of whole life costing and value realization methods


Hilversum, which is easily reachable with public transport or by car.

Training course: 12-14 November, 19-21 November 2018

This deep-dive course provides intensive coverage of the principles and practices of Asset Management for those seeking the IAM Diploma qualification in Asset Management. The Diploma is aimed primarily at those with prior knowledge and experience of asset management, who are typically working in or preparing for specialist or management roles in Asset Management. The training course covers all the required modules of the Diploma and is also aligned with Asset Management standards (PAS 55, ISO 55000) and the GFMAM Asset Management ‘Landscape’.

The course prepares students to pass the examination for the Diploma qualification. These are comprised of five modules of Principles of Asset Management and seven modules of Advanced Asset Management. The programme is suited for experienced practitioners with existing or recent industrial or infrastructure asset management responsibilities, in particular those to their work environment. Additionally, this training course is open to participants who do not yet have an IAM Certificate. In the event a participant does not have an IAM Certificate, two exams will be required: first the Certificate and then the Diploma exam.

Unique: QMA’s Pass-Exam-Guarantee

Participants will develop a business-centred appreciation of Asset Management and will be better able to influence decisions and the performance of the organisation. The training course is cross-disciplinary and helps foster effective team- work and collaboration between departments.

All of our trainers are experienced professionals in Asset Management Training and Coaching. Their knowledge and expertise assures that training course participants will pass guaranteed. In the event a participant does not pass the first time, we give additional and individual support free of charge to retake the exam.


This IAM acknowledged course includes: training sessions, course material, exercises, exams, coffee, tea and lunch. Course materials and exams will be in the English language. Costs per person: € 3.950,00 (excluding VAT).

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