Quasset Seminar at the IAM Conference; Park Plaza Riverbank, London November 22nd November 2017.

IAM is the professional body for the whole life management of physical assets, and this conference will showcase the discipline through selected papers, presentations and workshops. Topics include big data, renewable energy, benchmarking, journeys toward asset management. Being an IAM Corporate Member, Quasset plays a prominent role at this conference by initiating a seminar titled: Risk Based Asset Performance Modelling, practical cases & lessons learned’ on November 22nd 2017; 11:55 – 12:55 (local time).

This seminar will be presented by Tjibbe Bouma/CEO Quasset and Luc Stakenborg/CTO Quasset. Are you unable to attend and would you like to be informed about the possibilities of Risk Based Asset Performance Modelling? Please feel free to contact us on info@quasset.com  or +31 (0)35 820 02 88.