Quasset petrochemical trial

Quasset Testing Facility, Huizen, The Netherlands

In December 2017, Quasset B.V. opened a testing facility to trial robotic solutions for the petrochemical industry. The first set of trials were performed as part of a SHELL Global Solutions project to assess the current capabilities of robot platforms for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspection activities. Four companies, from different industry sectors, showcased their robotic technology on a decommissioned pressure vessel. The vessel was insulated and cladding to industry standards to assess the technology and explore their potential. The trials provided solid outcomes for the industry and the technology companies by demonstrating in principle the potential to use robotic crawlers for CUI detection activities. For more information about the possibilities of our Test Facility, please feel free to contact us: +31 (0)35 820 02 88,  info@quasset.com.

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